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Grow Vegetables in Your Garden

Vegetable and herb gardening is an excellent starting point for a new gardener.

Many of the vegetables grown today are annuals, meaning they complete their growing cycle from seed to harvest in one season. Interacting and nurturing plants from seed to harvest provides the basic understanding of what plants need to thrive, and how their needs shift through their different life stages. By developing the ability to read what a plant needs in the vegetable garden, you will be able to apply that knowledge to other plants as well.

Gardening in Arizona’s Central Highlands has distinctive challenges but there are many tricks you can quickly learn that will help you grow a successful garden. We work with you to design a garden that will set you up for a successful growing season. You can use this design to build your garden or our team can take care of the installation process for you. We offer bi-monthly or monthly garden maintenance to those who would like guidance throughout the season.

We encourage our clients to participate in every step of the process from design to planting and to ask questions along the way. Our goal is to teach Prescott area residents to become successful, knowledgeable gardeners who can grow food with confidence using the best practices in this region.

At the end of the season, when harvesting is the main focus in the garden, we will share many delectable recipes to prepare and preserve your harvests. This fruitful time of year is to be celebrated and sharing your garden harvests with friends and family is a greatly rewarding experience. The process of growing a garden from start to finish provides an abundance of lessons and insights about oneself and can teach us about where we live and deepen our sense of place. By cultivating a stronger sense of place, we can begin to understand how to be better stewards of the Earth.

Other Residential Services

Whether you are completely new to gardening or have been gardening for decades, we will help you bring your ideas and garden goals into fruition. We offer garden consultations and coaching, design, installation and bi-weekly maintenance.

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