Residential Services

From vegetable gardens to a custom composting system, we can help you design and create the perfect gardening system for your home. Each of our services begins with a consultation.

growing your own garden

Growing your own garden and learning to prepare and preserve your harvests can empower a person to learn about themselves, connect with their community, and create a stronger connection with the region they live within.

Beyond that, learning to grow one’s own food fosters a deeper understanding of seasonal eating, where food comes from, and the food systems we depend upon.

Let Prescott Gardener join you in that journey!

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable and herb gardening is an excellent starting point for a new gardener. We can work with you to design a garden that will set you up for a successful growing season.

Medicinal Herb Gardens

Cultivating medicinal plants will support your overall health and wellbeing. We grow and source herbs that thrive in our region and have been raised without chemical inputs.


In an effort to reduce soil disturbance and create a greater abundance of food, we like to incorporate perennial plants within our designs.


Building healthy soil is an ongoing practice that is the foundation of a resilient, bountiful garden. We can help you set up composting system for your garden.


If you are feeling inspired to grow food year-round, there are several options for season-extension methods that work quite well here.

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