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If you are feeling inspired to grow food year-round, there are several options for season-extension methods that work quite well here.

If you are wondering about what season extension method is the best fit for your garden, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the options, evaluate your garden orientation, and assist with the installation.

For larger properties with good winter sun exposure, a well-insulated and operating greenhouse can provide proper protection from the sometimes harsh winter weather and can be used to grow hearty greens in the cold months and get a big jumpstart on seedlings for spring and summer. Not every greenhouse is created equal, and each one will require some adaptation and proper placement to get it to function successfully. We can help you learn about your existing greenhouse or get set up with a new one so you can become a year-round gardener.

Cold frames are an excellent, small-scale option for season extension. These are primarily used to grow greens in the winter and get a head start on spring crops. They can be used on top of existing raised beds or used directly on the ground. If you would like to use a cold frame in your garden, we can evaluate your winter sun orientation and build them to fit your beds.

Other season extending methods such as low-tunnels using frost cloth can allow you to keep growing beyond the last frost or get an earlier start in the spring. Though you won’t be able to start your tomatoes under low-tunnels in March, you will be able to grow an abundance of more hearty crops such as greens and root crops, a bit earlier in the season.

Fortunately, on average we have 275 sunny days a year in Prescott, which makes season-extension a more feasible endeavor here.

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Whether you are completely new to gardening or have been gardening for decades, we will help you bring your ideas and garden goals into fruition. We offer garden consultations and coaching, design, installation and bi-weekly maintenance.

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