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Grow Perennials in Your Garden

Fruit trees, berries and perennial vegetables add diversity and food security to your landscape.

In an effort to reduce soil disturbance and create a greater abundance of food and medicine at home, we like to incorporate perennial plants within our designs.

One of the earliest considerations in your home garden design will be the placement of your perennial food plants, as it takes several or more years for these plants to mature and begin producing. That said, it is never too late to get them planted, no matter what stage your home garden is at.

Once you are picking your first significant apple harvest to make cider, pies and dried apple slices, or your sunchoke patch has grown tenfold and you are harvesting and storing tubers for winter, you will be happy you planted these crops years ago.

Often these perennials are planted within the landscape and left to fend for themselves, when in actuality there is specific care that takes place in the formative years for trees, berries and perennial vegetables to thrive. Proper pruning and training techniques, holistic approaches to pest control, soil building practices, and proper watering throughout the seasons will ensure greater chances of abundant harvests in the future.

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Whether you are completely new to gardening or have been gardening for decades, we will help you bring your ideas and garden goals into fruition. We offer garden consultations and coaching, design, installation and bi-weekly maintenance.

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