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Install a Composting System in Your Garden

Building healthy soil is an ongoing practice that is the foundation of a resilient, bountiful garden.

Composting kitchen, garden and landscape wastes creates a nutrient-rich garden amendment teaming with beneficial microbes such as bacteria and fungi that create the foundation of a healthy soil food web.

We encourage anyone with a home garden to experiment with composting. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting buckets of homemade compost from your bins to prepare your beds for planting in the spring and getting to top-dress your plants throughout the growing season. Our climate creates some different dynamics with composting, and remembering to water your compost pile is one of the keys to success.

A compost bin can be as simple as creating a pile in your backyard with layers of “green materials” such as kitchen, garden and landscape scraps with “brown materials” such as straw, newspaper, and leaves. Keep it watered and turn it with some regularity and watch it transform and break down into compost. Some areas of town are prone to rodents and other larger intruders such as javelinas, therefore composting should take place in a well enclosed area of the yard.

By adding compost to your garden beds throughout the year, you are creating a more diverse soil food web which will nourish your plants to grow abundantly, and in turn nourish you. Increasing soil food web diversity has been proven to increase yields, protect gardens from pests and diseases, reduce irrigation requirements and eliminate the need for fertilizers.

We have designed two composting units, a two-bin and a three-bin system, which are sealed from small rodents and anything larger. The sleek and functional design of our composting systems keep the garden looking clean. These units are able to hold over four cubic feet of compost per bin which is ideal for making hot compost that is capable of breaking down faster than smaller compost piles.

In some gardens there is just enough room for the garden itself, and the 4×8 composting unit takes up precious gardening space. In that case, vermicomposting is the answer! We can help you get set up with a vermicompost bin for your home so you can turn your kitchen scraps into worm castings. These castings can be applied directly to the garden or used to make compost tea. In fact, we love vermicomposting so much we encourage those who already have a compost bin to also have a worm bin. Vermicomposting is also a great way to get your kids excited about the garden. Ask about our worm class for kids!

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